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What Chaos Is Imaginary

by girlpool

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released February 1, 2019

Written and arranged by Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad
Produced by Girlpool and David Tolomei
Mixed by David Tolomei
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Drums on “Hire,” “Lucky Joke,” “Swamp and Bay,” and “Joseph’s Dad” performed by Ross Wallace Chait
Strings on “What Chaos is Imaginary” written and arranged by Sammy Weissberg Strings performed by Roan Ma and Maki Omori on violin, Joshua Gomberoff on viola, Isidora Nojkovic on cello, and recorded by Ryan Howe
Photograph by Luke Gilford


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girlpool Los Angeles, California

happy to see you

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Track Name: Lucy's
An unfamiliar place where you’d rather stay
A meditation plan where you sway and sink
I want a find out town for the caroler who sounds like white when the sun goes down
I swear I’ll be alright although Emily’s in the sky
She waters the ground with gin she pours me out onto the shadow of her home state tree
She’s not ready to let it be
In awe with the metals you burned for someone’s heart
A scene I kept dreaming made me swollen then sharp
Track Name: Stale Device
In a white-wall-bedroom a slow asleep
He’ll break a pill into 1000 puzzle piece
Drink up the spare change
Mute that golden drone
Demolition mind
Packing peanuts by the side of the road
Found a stale device
A world to make you more alone
It’s the Montana drive where you once lived
By the see, all the kids you thought had bigger eyes
Consumed by schemes
It’s a part you play
A movie from the seventies
When you dreamt bad luck
The sickness kept me company
I’m trying to be in the myth and in the thrill
In a sharp malaise
The shrillness of a life so still
Track Name: Where You Sink
I know you live where you sink
You cut up the fruit just to stare as I bleed
You look like a kid from outer space
Always trying to plan your next escape
(don’t they know how gravity drowns?)
Go running around the alphabet sea
With the freaks in the bands
With the college degrees
I wanna try to be a ribbon in a puzzle mind
Fate’s a pickpocket puzzle mind
Track Name: Hire
Will I make the matinée with my newest life and be that bright time
Advertise what makes you crazy so i can second guess my focus, are you gonna hire me?
I let you in somehow I sit down revoke
The time and space for you to just feel it in your name
Now I’m the ref and a phone call cutting out
Back on the bench I fall into the month I think about
How I sold seven doves when i was lying on your back
I’ll meet you in the morning figure out what gets me past a second in the shade fucking up a useful place
Purgatory please me
I let it live like a payday of mine
I can’t let live be I’m high scoring memory just to look at quiet history
Track Name: Pretty
I’m not the person down the block
I’m not the kid you like a lot
I drive 500 miles a week
I count my words I hate to speak
I remember seeing you in dreams
Trying to understand what this sadness means
I hate the way I feel confused
Like I’ll always be a part of you
You were such an idol
You were the whole world
Now you see you look
Pretty broken
I’m not a dreamer in the their prime
I’m consistently not worth your time
Sometimes I feel so far away
It’s hard to think I’ll ever stay
There was a person I once knew
He built a molehill out of glue
He claimed I was too close to stick
But somehow I’m still stuck in it
Track Name: Chemical Freeze
I walked around in a chemical freeze you dance marathon quit meaning something to me
I’m so locked out the hallway hangs around
What’s left in the street without a puddle showing me stars
I’ll carry the air
I’ll keep you there
What’s left in the street without a puddle showing me stars
I’ll carry the air (I’m becoming used to it)
I’ll keep you there (the bad guy doesn’t mean it)
Track Name: All Blacked Out
You’re slowly coming down from a midnight wish
Afternoon slowing down grass sticking to the inside of your legs
You’re staring at the clouds a mile from your apartment a part of something
Watch you lay your head sitting on bricks in Philadelphia taking
Another one
You’re all blacked out but you’re walking the line an aging voice of closeness pouring out from behind a toe toucher from another time
Watch you lay your head sitting on bricks in Philadelphia taking
Another one
Track Name: Lucky Joke
Walking misery lane
Idolizing the vain
Dressed up all depressed in my Sunday best
I’m a lucky joke
Wish I never spoke
They see you how they want to
You don’t even have to try
Down by the water
I watched you try to fit inside of something else
You’re already gone
Once they’ve heard your song
God send me to a place where
Nothing can go wrong
A stroke of genius can you make careless
I watched you untie your shoes
Track Name: Minute In Your Mind
I’ll meet you in the dirt that holds a lake of her and me
You just help me sink (I do)
I’ll be running all the time
To places where I’ll still like my minute in your mind
You just help me sink (I do)
Track Name: What Chaos Is Imaginary
You live halfway
In a transient home off the highway
Didn’t mama tell you
There’s so much to see
There’s a silver lining
And a ripping seam
Everything’s overrated
I’m watching from too close
I’ll take one ticket to heaven
Dress up as the holy ghost
Got your head in the clouds
And two eyes on the shaking ground
I loved you from the petty view and watched you like the daily news
Rehearsing what’s reality
What chaos is imaginary
In the bleachers
Someone teaches
About what’s worth knowing
Some bland candy scheme
Built yourself some boundaries just to kill a dream
Got your meds
And your sky
You’ll plant the moon in someones eyes
I did that too
I loved him and his violence for the pretty view
Rehearsed a strange reality what chaos is imaginary
Track Name: Hoax and the Shrine
The lake dictates the news
With ebbs of a sighless swoon
She feigns supply and demand
My rue willed an empty room
With words like “I will take real good care of you”
Can a god spill milk?
Kissing fate to watch the hours wilt
Does belief reside between the hoax and the shrine?
I wandered around a shapeless station
In soliloquy clouds, that nebulous dichotomy town
I am all of it
Clocking in but dreaming I could quit
Does abeyance lie between the shackle and the stride?
Track Name: Swamp and Bay
No cost no fee so I fell asleep backed up the ring in me
But I’m the bell you’ll have to break
A heart that sits in shutters I’ll be the swamp and bay
The sunset took all day it didn’t move you
You look out the window like there’s a goodbye everyday
You’re waking up alive I watch the cop hold you up outside
No cost no fee so I fell asleep backed up the ring in me
But I’m the bell you’ll have to break over there the gold sleeps in the air
People crash their car try to get your attention know who they are
They’re gonna move you
Track Name: Josephs Dad
Pouring out the plastic paint
Thought my hands were full of clay
Now I’m drinking 7-up
Joseph’s dad’s a ladies man
He’s sinking into what he can
I thought I looked with both my eyes
Said life is only half my size
Stay inside ignore all that motion
Build some stranger in my mind
Giving context to a still life
Take the picture and blackout
I know I’m higher in the cloud
The irony of how I die
When I shut my eyes too tight
There’s a wall within that forward motion
Makes me lonely-rational
Molding nonsense from a cycle
Track Name: Roses
He stole roses for his hair because everything he bought was too serious of a thought
Stuff it walk these purple sheets
Create the vague you need and get married in the seams come and lay on top of me
It’s a tug a war with his dreaming and the floor

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